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Therapy Message

Alvino’s A Touch of Healing of Rio Rancho, NM has personalized therapy massage and a variety of solutions for every client. We have all types of services that we provide for our clients including Nero muscular massage, therapy massage, lymphatic drainage, microdermabrasion, cranial sacral therapy and many others. Our massage therapists have many years of experience in the massage therapy field and are highly trained in all types of massage. We have one priority and that is to ensure that our clients receive the massage that meets their needs. We take the time to carefully listen to the needs of our clients and talk with them about the type of massage they need. Our clients get a very personalized experience with every session. When our clients call to make an appointment, we discuss exactly what they are looking for in a massage and where they want the main focus of the massage to be. Our clients are from all over the region, including Corrales, Tome, and their surrounding communities. 

When you want a specialized therapy massage, come to Alvino’s A Touch of Healing of Rio Rancho, NM. We are the ones you can trust to provide you the best massage that will exceed your expectations. We take the time to get to know the skills and experience of every massage therapist. We match our clients with the therapist that will best suit their needs. We have many therapists that are skilled in various types of specialty massages such as Nero muscular massage or sports massage. Once the massage therapy begins our therapists stay in communication with the client. They do a check in to see how they feel and then make any necessary pressure adjustments to ensure the clients’ needs are met. Give us a call to make an appointment and discuss the kind of massage you want.

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